First Barefoot Run

I decided to buy new shoes today. The good news is that, it cost me very minimum, i.e, zilcht! nil!, it's the BS101 (birthday shoes). While it's not the most enjoyable, it felt generally good!

First 2km was awkward, more like hot feet trying to tiptoe the hot path. Still figuring out how to land and which part of the pavement is the most bearable to land on. KM3 and 4 was good. Last 2km felt really great, clocking 5:16 and 5:27! woot! But towards the end my soles felt like burned, can feel a thick layer of blister hotspots (thank God it was just my imagination!), so decided to stop right there.
overall it's a great experience. legs felt absolutely fine; for now, at least. One tiny blister formed on the sole near the pinky toe. Should have run at the stadium track.

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