lorong asrama

Can't argue that Lorong Asrama is tough, I've now got ITBS to prove it. Do hills induce ITBS? I was supposed to still recover from last weekend run, so no surprise if I get some kind of injury. Before the run I was more worried about my sole as I was having a slight plantar fasciitis this week. But ITB decided that it's its turn to annoy me.

Anyway, this is hardly a trail run. More like some tarmac, rugged tarmac, and stony path with lots of sharp gravel. Except for the 2 minutes of 'unrunnable slope', no other part of the route resembles 'trail'. Which makes it a wrong decision to wear Minimus Trail.
Most of the 'road' is wide enough for maybe five tanks to move in a single row haha. Not a trail at all.

Lot of slopes, though, but all still relatively runnable (I'm not saying it's easy). But I couldn't recognize the one big hill climb so infamously photographed during TNF100. Maybe today's run left out some of the toughest parts of the TNF100.
What makes this route is so dreaded, is probably more because it's part of the TNF100, and runners have to tackle it in the middle of a hot day, open under the sun without much cover, and have to do it after some 20km of difficulty of MacRitchie and Bukit Timah combined. I can see myself struggling and crawling in this area come October.


  1. How did you get in? Not open to public right?

  2. it was during a training run by the energizer night trail organizer

  3. Thanks for the post! The image showing the route overlaid on a satellite image is extremely useful, as I'm doing the Energizer night trail run this weekend. The description of the running surface is also great - I was wondering whether to wear my New Balance MT101 shoes, but given that it's a lot of tarmac I'll stick to my road running shoes instead.