DNF at Sundown Ultramarathon 2011

Something more painful than physical running pain is DNF.

Problem with my stomach as early as 7km and lasted throughout the rest of the run. It wasn't stitches at the beginning, but turned out it was. But even stitches would go away after 10 or 15 minutes. but this one, I don't know. Maybe acidic gastric or something.My stomach must've really worked it hard that evening, because when I woke up the worse DOMS happens at the stomach area. My legs are fresher than after doing a 21k, so to speak.

What makes me so sad is that I was never able to run as I would've liked to, even a jog made my stomach so uncomfortable. And what's worse is that, I can't take in fuel. At km40 I decided to swallow whatever energy source, and rested for almost an hour to let it settle in the stomach. It worked quite alright, as after that I was able to somewhat sparingly run to km50. I repeated the trick at km50, and able to continue to km60. But time was running out, I can't do the same at km60. After that, my energy was really depleted.

Of the 66km that I did, I think I walked for more than 30km, including many long stops.

anyway. life goes on, painful though. Not sure how long this thing will last.

Congratulations to everybody who inspiringly reached the finish line! And thank you to all our friends who supported us.

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